Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What is TheSpot?

How do I download TheSpot?

What are the pros of buying on TheSpot?


How do I create an event on TheSpot?

What kind of events are on TheSpot?

How do I know the events are real and really happening?


How do I pay for a ticket on TheSpot?

How do I get access using the ticket generated on TheSpot?

What if someone steals my ticket code?

What if my ticket cannot be scanned even though it’s valid?

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

What if the event is postponed?

Event organizer

How do I know when my event is sold out?

What if a scan is not working?

Is it possible to edit my event?

How do I know the ticket generated on TheSpot is authentic?

Price & Payment

Are the tickets the same price on TheSpot?

When I Pay for an event did my pin is shared with TheSpot?

How do I know if there are discounts on TheSpot?

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